🌎 I come from the country where you go to jail when you put pineapple on pizza. So I fled the country to spread the word and moved to the Netherlands in 2022.

📸 As a kid I couldn’t decide if I wanted to become a photographer or a veterinarian, but I've ingeniously merged those dreams and I’m now an Art Director and a pet sitter... couldn’t ask for anything better!

☁️ As an art director my taste and obsession guide my work. My unstoppable need to create something relevant shapes my purposeful creations.

💡 Having countless passions, I get my inspiration from many different mediums, genres and environments. I’m an organised creative who likes to think outside the box and develop something different every time.

📖 I studied languages for 5 years before graduating from IED Milan in Communication Design with a major in Art Direction. I moved just a few months later  to start my one year internship at AKQA Amsterdam, keeping myself busy between YoungDogs pitches and taking care of young dogs.

🍍 I’m now excited for my next step and open to collaborating even with Hawaiian pizza enthusiasts. Just be prepared for me to gently nudge you in the right direction!

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