01_Gucci_Don’t Run

     AKQA Amsterdam_2023          


Only in moments of pause can one un-tap the magic of flow - the state of mind where time flies because we’re fully immersed in an activity we love. The versatile Gucci Run sneakers are vehicles to discover this untapped potential. But the problem is, flow
can’t be accessed when always
running through life.


To re-position Gucci Run globally, we asked our audience to stop to find a new type of performance - flow. Leading by example, Gucci paused all social and web activity for three days. 

Gucci’s audience was then transported into ethereal, 3D worlds, each inspired by a Gucci Run, visualizing flow.


For phase two, 3D artists, Stephy Fung, Dave Oh and Andreas Wannerstedt, launched three new Gucci Run colorways by depicting their own flow state. Each artist was interviewed to dig deeper into their own experience before interpreting a different stage of flow through immersive films. As a series, the work recreates the feeling of an entire flow cycle.

Don’t Run now consists of four custom typefaces and four custom Gucci logos living within six different worlds all representing the uniqueness of flow.

With: Sam Rowlands, Conor Cunniffe, Ellen Fromm, Elena del Águila, Evan Dunn.

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